How To Create a Google Calendar Event with Video Conferencing

Go to Calendar

Step 1. Go to your Google Calendar

Creating a New Event

Step 2. Click “Create” or click on the date that you want to schedule on the calendar

Event Information

Step 3. Add event information such as event name, time, description, reminder. You can also add your students as participants of the event and the event will automatically show up on their calendar.

Add Video Conferencing to Google Event

Step 4. Click on “Add location or conferencing” to expand menu then click on “Add conferencing. A Google Hangouts Meet unique link will be automatically generated for the event. Participants in the event will be emailed the link and it will also be available on the calendar event details. Please note that these links are uniquely generated every time.

Please Note
  • Students must click “Join Now” in order to join the conference call
  • Participants must be admitted entry in order to join in conference call.
  • Once a student has been admitted, they can join the same video conferencing call again at any time if they get disconnected for some reason.
  • For students with Dell Laptop: if their microphones are muted they can click the keyboard shortcut “Fn” + “F3”


Support Email


Support Phone

How to Get Remote Desktop Support

Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1. Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon on the top right corner your Google Chrome browser or click this link

Generate Access Code

Step 2. Make sure the “Remote Support” Tab is selected. Then click “Generate Code”

Provide Access Code

Step 3. Provide the randomly generated access code to your the IT support on the phone so they can gain access to your desktop to troubleshoot your system. Please note that each generated code only last for 5 minutes before you have to generate the codes again.

Please Note

Remote desktop access to your district assigned computer is a one time event. A code needs to be generated every time in order to give the tech support team access to your laptop/chromebook.

Get Technical Support

If you don’t need support right away or if you want to schedule a support meeting via Google Hangout, we are available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.